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For Parents: Downloads and Quick Tips

Parents are our children’s first and most influential teachers. Our instinct is to guide and protect them. As they grow and become more independent, kids face pressures, challenges, and situations that may put their health and safety at risk. As parents, we need to be prepared to help our children make good decisions, encourage them to be aware of their surroundings, and support them through difficulties. Please make use of the Parenting Tips and informative resources we have here to help you and your family.

Know this: Advocating for Your Child at School

Know how to effectively advocate for your child at school to achieve the results your child needs.

Know this: Anger Management in Children and Youth

Know the signs to look for that may indicate your child or youth is struggling with anger.

Know this: Assertive Advocacy Guidelines

Know how to Advocate Assertively for your student's needs in an effective and respectful manner.

Know this: Communicating Effectively With Your Child

Know these strategies for interacting with your child to create effective, positive communication.

Know this: Developing Tools to Deal with Crisis

Know how to deal with your child's reaction to crisis, trauma or disaster.

Know this: Parent Teacher Conferences Questions to Ask

Know the questions to ask at a Parent-Teacher Conference to get a clear understanding of your child's school performa

Know this: Recognizing Signs of Psychosis

Know the signs to look for that may indicate your child is struggling with psychosis.

Know this: Red Flags for School Shooting

Know the signs to look for that may indicate your child may be at risk for being involved in a school shooting.

Know this: Self Advocacy Tips for Parents

Learn how to help your child develop self-advocacy skills for a successful, self-sufficient life and healthy relation