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For Schools: Downloads and Quick Tips

Safe Schools Healthy Kids NC welcomes all school personnel--teachers, counselors, administrators, resource officers, and support staff. We are your connection to evidence-based information and training on a range of topics to ensure your school setting is safe, supportive, and healthy for all students.

We listened to what you wanted about providing helpful Quick Tips and other easily downloadable materials you want and need. The Clearinghouse includes links to expert resources to expand your knowledge and skill set. Be sure to also visit the Online Courses tab above, where you’ll find an array of relevant courses designed for educators to take at your convenience.

Know this: Signs of Substance Use

Know the signs to look for that may indicate a student is struggling with substance use, particularly drugs or alcohol.

Know this: Signs of Suicide

Know the signs to look for that may indicate a student could be contemplating suicide.

The Trevor Project - Resources

Access information preventing suicide and Trevor’s unique resources for LGBTQ youth. Please visit: